FSG Access Rights

We all know that R12 has come up with Data Access options just like what we would see in a MS-Word or MS-Excel i.e. Read, Write options. For FSG Oracle has the feature of restricting user from editing a row set or column set or report or a report set.

To enable this option, we must first Define Data Access Set and then Assign to a Responsibility. Then as we Assign this Data Access Sets to the desired Report or row set or column set which we don’t want all the users to modify, it will get added to the Data Access Set that was defined earlier.

However, will this stop specific users running reports. As we all know, FSG can be used to report a daily sales or a TB or Balance Sheet. If I want to restrict the ssales team from running Balance Sheet of the company which is confidential, how can I do it?

Here we go…..

First find the block and field that you want to validate and restrict. To find the block navigate as udner:

Oracle –> GL Super User –> Reports –> Request –> Financial

Select “Individual Reports” and Click “OK”

Click “Help” –> Custom Code –> Examine

Give Apps password

Note the Block and Field for which you want to validate.

Since this form is to submit reports, we need to restrict the submission trigger. For this, through the navigation given above, first enable “Show Custom Events”.

This will produce “RG_REPORT_REQUESTS.REPORT_NAME”. This is what you need to disable. Now change the mode to Normal through same navigation.

Oracle –> GL Super User –> Reports –> Request –> Financial

Select “Individual Reports” and Click “OK”

Click “Help” –> Custom Code –> Personalize

Give Apps password

A Form for personalization will open.

Enter following:

Sequence:  10
Description: FSG Reports Access Rights
Level:  Funtion

Condition TAB:

   like ‘ABC%’
   “USER ID” <>  (select fnd_profile.value(‘USER_ID’) from dual )
Processing Mode :Both

Optionally you can set this condition applicable at Site Level or Responsibility or User Level under “Context” Tab. However, I personally found inconsistency after using removing this.

Actions TAB:

Seq:   10 
Type:   Message 
Description Language:  All
Message Type:  Object Type
Message Text:  You are not Authorized


Seq:   20 
Type:   Property
Description Language:  All
Object Type:  Item
Property Name:  ENABLED

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for posting this article. I have a question on the same.

    I have a FSG report and I don’t want any others to access the same. How do I apply the above mentioned solution to my requirement ?

    Please help me with this.

    Thanks in advance !

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