Enabling TDS in R12

Enabling TDS in R12 to enter in the Invoice Distributions Lines

Taxes pertaining to TDS were entered in the Invoice Distributions Descriptive Flexfields in 11i release. IN Release 12, the invoices DFF has now been migrated to Global Descriptive Flexfields (GDF). For enabling the GDF or for the GDF to be visible in the Invoice distribution screen, take a note of the following setups:

The details of the GDF are as follows:


Function ‘JG Global Flexfield enabled flag’ should be included in the menu used against the India Local Payables responsibility

The system profile options needs to set to the following values at the responsibility level with no conflicting values at other levels

JG: Application:: Payables
JG: Product       : Asia Pacific Localization
JG: Territory      : India

The country used against the Legal entity / Operating unit has to be India.

Also while entering invoices using the invoice workbench, ensure that the taxation country field is seen as India

Ensure that atleast one of the segments should be seen as enabled for the above mentioned GDF as also the context should be enabled.

JG product should be Licensed from System Administration > Oracle Applications Manager

  • Go to SYSADMIN responsibility / Oracle Application manager / License Manager / Country Specific Localization
  • Select Singapore 

For More Details – Oracle Note: How to Enter Tax id in Invoice Distribution for TDS deduction in R12 [ID 464904.1]

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