New Entrant

Blogging is certainly not new to me and I am not new to the Bloggers World. I have been blogging( since 2006 but in Tamil about various happenings. I have been registering  all my thoughts, learnings and experiences except those I gained in Oracle Applications.

Recently few of my ex-colleagues started blogs on Oracle. Both the friends does not know each other but I know them and they know me of course. Another friend started a complete discussion forum good long time back. I rendered my services as much as I could by answering various questions and more importantly I got so many of doubts cleared. I have stopped my contribution there but the site doesn’t. It is going more stronger and stronger. Yes, I am talking about

I gained few friends there too which includes the website owner himself. His contribution in enabling people in Oracle Applications is commendable.

Now you have the reason why I started this blog. The website will also be authored by all my friends ( I only hope they will) with their experiences / learnings.

Many of us have worked or working for many years in Oracle Applications. But all of us in our journey have looked for help by googling and end up with hands in our forehead. Definitely Oracle Metalink has the biggest database of problems and solutions in this world.

However, to search and find a problem that matches our problem and a perfect solution for that problem in Metalink is as difficult as our problem itself. In fact I was looking for a Blog which has a post that teaches me how to metalink.

Having browsed N number of blogs and websites that pertains to Oracle Applications, I have found only very few solving the need of an implementer or an user. The objective of this blog is to bring as many posts as possible by Modules.

Based on the statistics of the visitors, I would not be minding to migrate from this blog to a seperate website which will also have a discussion forum.

I will stop here and please keep visiting the blog to see more and